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The “Truth about Pet Food” website has just announced a voluntary recall of certain Milo’s Kitchen dog treats by the J.M. Smucker Company. Seems there are “elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone” in certain treats. We have seen some of our canine clients with these treats in the past so, if you have any of the Milo brand treats in your home I would recommend that you check out for more information regarding this recall.

The “Truth about Pet Food” website is a must have website to subscribe to. In case you didn’t know, pet food companies can have “invisible” pet food recalls that lawfully they are not required to publicly announce. Once subscribed to they will notify you of any recalls they become aware of as well as any other issues with pet food they become aware of, like the following…

Deadly Chinese Jerky Treats…Again

Truth about Pet Food reports,

“Jerky dog treats imported from China are sickening and killing pets again. It is unknown how many complaints FDA has received, has received multiple complaints over the past couple of months.”

Hey folks, this all started way back in 2007. One would have thought that the FDA would have done something about this but…”after 11 long years of investigation – the FDA has never provided consumers with a reason/cause for the pet illnesses and deaths.”  However in 2013, the New York Department of Agriculture found high levels of illegal antibiotics in the those treats. Is it any wonder our pets get so sick?

DO NOT TRUST ANY FOOD OR TREATS THAT SOURCE FROM CHINA! Figuring out if your dog’s food or treats come from China is not as easy as you would think. Check the package very carefully for the small print. Usually this information is listed in tiny print on the back of the package somewhere. Don’t be fooled by pretty pictures or US flags. While the product could have been “assembled” or “made” in the USA that does not mean the actual ingredients were not sourced from foreign companies like China. Sorry but I don’t trust any pet food or treats that are sourced in China. Remember the Melamine fiasco that killed hundreds and possibly thousands of pets? Yep that was China.