“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act” Albert Einstein

Ok everyone, the saying above was quoted at the end of a TED talk by Dr. Tyrone Hayes. The title of the TED talk is “Endocrine disruption, environmental justice, and the ivory tower“. Not a very sexy title I know, and sounds pretty booooring. But everyone MUST, I mean MUST, give it a listen. I want to GIVE you the privilege to know! You need to know what goes into your body and what goes into your dogs body. You need to KNOW how human beings (read government here) have and are mucking up our food situation. There is so much going on that we as consumers, are not privy to. Well, there are good samaritans / whistleblowers out there that have been out there for a while and due to social media are finally being heard.

Want to know why your dog has cancer? Want to know why your dog has skin issue, ear issues, diabetes, heck put any disease here. Then get informed as to where your food comes from and where your dog’s food comes from. If you ARE what you EAT then it follows that you ARE what your FOOD ATE. And the same goes for your pets! In fact its doubly so because they are so small compared to us. They are like the canarys in the coal mine. They will get sick and die before we do.

People, there is something wrong with our food and our pets food. Lets figure this out and make change. Start with what you put into your body and what you put into your dogs body. While you have a choice as to what you eat, your pets do not. They are a captive audience and can only eat what you provide. Make sure its as nutritious and toxin free as you can provide.

CLICK HERE for Tyrone Hayes youtube Ted Talk mentioned above

Now if you find that one interesting here is another one I like to call a classic as it was originally recorded 8 years ago! This is the one that got me started researching just what I was putting into my body. Bonnie Bassler’s “The secret lives of bacteria”

CLICK HERE for Bonnies youtube Ted Talk

Look for up coming classes at Petite Pet Inn regarding your dogs nutrition and how to pick the best food for your budget and your dogs health.

Cheers! Donna

Urgent: watch “The Truth About Pet Cancer” series NOW (UPDATE: sorry its over)

(Sorry the series live is over you missed it!) Ty Bollinger and his series “The Truth About Pet Cancer”, is airing on youtube NOW and started on 4/4/18. I watched the first one last night and its going to be an eye opener for most of you. Its a highly recommended MUST WATCH. Even if your dog is totally healthy now there the  probability that your dog has CANCER in his/her future is almost 1 to 1.5. So its imperative to watch this series if you can. While the series is live they will keep the youtube link available for 24 hours after airing. What happens after that is anyones guess. Will they charge for the series, probably, may be the only way to fund the next video. So take advantage now and sign up and listen in by CLICKING HERE.

If you want to go directly to the first episode and your quick about it, it may still be available by CLICKING HERE.   If the link does not work its because the time has expired, although I can’t see them really pulling it without a way to get back to see it. So give it a try.


Great Health News for you and your dog!

Petite Pet Inn now has its very own certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist! Donna (Petite Pet Inn’s owner) has recently taken and passed a Pet Food Nutrition course and is currently enrolled in a Raw Dog Food Nutrition course. Dog food nutrition as well as human food nutrition, has been an ongoing interest of Donna’s for over 30 years. She has read many, many books on the subject as well as taken seminars. The only thing that was left to do was to actually get some type of certification.

PFN specialist

Donna’s certification comes through Dogs Naturally University and she is proud to be affiliated with such a wonderful organization. Donna’s plan is to eventually become certified at every level of DN University’s Nutrition program as well as to participate in Doctors Rounds and DN University’s continuing education. All in an effort to stay current and up to date with the goings on in the pet food industry, and to better position herself to help the clients of Petite Pet Inn.

Quote from Donna: “Over the years, as a groomer, dog trainer, and owner of my own dogs, I have been aware of the mounting health issues assaulting dogs. I have seen clients pets get worse or better, over the years, as their diets have changed. I have been directly responsible for changing the lives (for the better) of many clients dogs just by recommending diet changes. Years ago I saved the life of a tiny Chihuahua that had raging IBS that her veterinarian gave up on and who told the owners to just take her home, as they could do nothing else for her. I ended up with her, changed her diet, and she is still going strong 4 years later! I believe the KEY to every dogs healthy longevity is the correct DIET!”

So if you are worried about what you feed your dog, or are simply just curious to see if you can do better, send us an email by clicking here and let Donna take a look at what you are feeding your dog vs the health issues your dog may be having. Or simply get some great info on feeding your dog toward a healthier future. We will be posting to the blog often with tips and suggestions, for example check out the paragraph below.

Do you know what “dried grape pomace” is? Well basically its dried grapes. We all know that grapes and raisins are a known toxin to dogs. Click here for Wikipedia info on the subject.  I bet you didn’t know that dog food companies are not allowed to add any ingredient to the food they produce that is NOT legally defined by AAFCO. And guess what?  Grape pomace is not legally defined in AAFCO’s Official Publication – the pet food regulations book. Why you might ask, is Science Diet adding “dried grape pomace” to their  Hill’s Science Diet Adult Small and Toy Breed dry , Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Small & Toy Breed, and Hill’s Prescription Diet b/d Canine dog foods illegally? A substance made from a substance known to be toxic to dogs!

The trust, we as consumers, place in dog food manufacturers is unfounded and blind. Dog food manufacturing is big business and big business is in business to make money, bottom line. Thats it. Don’t trust blindly your dog food manufacturer. Find out what’s actually in your dogs food. Read the label. Understand the difference between chicken, chicken meal, chicken by product, and chicken by product meal. It matters! A consumer reading her dog food label discovered what Hills Science Diet was putting in her dog’s food. Read about it HERE. She made a difference and the state of Kentucky is taking Hill’s Science Diet to task and telling them to remove the ingredient from their food. Where is AAFCO or the FDA in all this….. silence.

Take your dog’s health into your own hands and let us help.

Breaking News!

recall screen shot

The “Truth about Pet Food” website has just announced a voluntary recall of certain Milo’s Kitchen dog treats by the J.M. Smucker Company. Seems there are “elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone” in certain treats. We have seen some of our canine clients with these treats in the past so, if you have any of the Milo brand treats in your home I would recommend that you check out www.truthaboutpetfood.com for more information regarding this recall.

The “Truth about Pet Food” website is a must have website to subscribe to. In case you didn’t know, pet food companies can have “invisible” pet food recalls that lawfully they are not required to publicly announce. Once subscribed to www.truthaboutpetfood.com they will notify you of any recalls they become aware of as well as any other issues with pet food they become aware of, like the following…

Deadly Chinese Jerky Treats…Again

Truth about Pet Food reports,

“Jerky dog treats imported from China are sickening and killing pets again. It is unknown how many complaints FDA has received, TruthaboutPetFood.com has received multiple complaints over the past couple of months.”

Hey folks, this all started way back in 2007. One would have thought that the FDA would have done something about this but…”after 11 long years of investigation – the FDA has never provided consumers with a reason/cause for the pet illnesses and deaths.”  However in 2013, the New York Department of Agriculture found high levels of illegal antibiotics in the those treats. Is it any wonder our pets get so sick?

DO NOT TRUST ANY FOOD OR TREATS THAT SOURCE FROM CHINA! Figuring out if your dog’s food or treats come from China is not as easy as you would think. Check the package very carefully for the small print. Usually this information is listed in tiny print on the back of the package somewhere. Don’t be fooled by pretty pictures or US flags. While the product could have been “assembled” or “made” in the USA that does not mean the actual ingredients were not sourced from foreign companies like China. Sorry but I don’t trust any pet food or treats that are sourced in China. Remember the Melamine fiasco that killed hundreds and possibly thousands of pets? Yep that was China.