Urgent: watch “The Truth About Pet Cancer” series NOW (UPDATE: sorry its over)

(Sorry the series live is over you missed it!) Ty Bollinger and his series “The Truth About Pet Cancer”, is airing on youtube NOW and started on 4/4/18. I watched the first one last night and its going to be an eye opener for most of you. Its a highly recommended MUST WATCH. Even if your dog is totally healthy now there the  probability that your dog has CANCER in his/her future is almost 1 to 1.5. So its imperative to watch this series if you can. While the series is live they will keep the youtube link available for 24 hours after airing. What happens after that is anyones guess. Will they charge for the series, probably, may be the only way to fund the next video. So take advantage now and sign up and listen in by CLICKING HERE.

If you want to go directly to the first episode and your quick about it, it may still be available by CLICKING HERE.   If the link does not work its because the time has expired, although I can’t see them really pulling it without a way to get back to see it. So give it a try.


Time for Springtime Photos!


Yep its that time again! Springtime Photos with Donna! Bring your dog for daycare on Thursday, March 29th because Donna will be taking springtime photos of all the dogs in daycare or boarding that day! Nope, you can’t make an appointment. They must come for daycare and at some point midday Donna will arrive to take photos of your love bunny! Once she’s finished she will head home to lay on some magic and email you a social media version of what she considers her best “work”. After that she will upload versions of all the best photos to our new website! Have you seen it yet! Click here! Let us know what you think, seriously, is it easy to navigate? Is it missing something? Is it too wordy, just right or not enough? Did you find the photos easily? We want to know!

Don’t forget to check with the front desk to make sure we have your correct email address! Check out our website to see the 2018 Valentines Day photos. Please click on the link to the right and follow our blog if you haven’t already. You don’t want to miss a thing!