Richmond, VA-based Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods Recall

While most of the major food recalls have not been a problem in this area, that is not the case any longer. Richmond based Ukrops now has a documented major recall of 9.1 tons of meat products contaminated with Listeria. I wanted to get the word out ASAP. Please click on this link to get the entire story as well as the list of the products effected. While you are there sign up for the Food Safety News newsletter to keep abreast of the many recalls effecting people around the world. This one hits home.

PS I subscribe to both the Food Safety News and Truth About Pet Food to keep abreast of whats going on with the food system. Its not unusual to read one day in FSN about a human grade recall only to read later in TAPF about how those recalls have entered the pet food manufacturing system. The food leaves one system only to enter the other. Want to hazard a guess as to what they are gonna do with all 9.1 tons of Ukrops recalled product? Nope not going to the landfill…….

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