I’m Angry! Really Angry and You Should Be Too!

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 8.33.57 AMOn September 9th I emailed Susan Thixton of “truthaboutpetfood.com” and asked this question:

“I was wondering what happens to all the tons of human food that get recalled every year?       Does it end up in pet food? or does it get fed to CAFO beef?       I subscribe to a human food recall newsletter, and it just dawned on me that its a distinct possibility that companies don’t just throw it all in a landfill but that they may actually mitigate the loss by selling it to rendering companies. I’m horrified by this. Tons of cooked diced chicken just recently was recalled for metal pieces in the chicken. does this end up in pet food? What about recalls involving listeria or salmonella? How is all that food destroyed or disposed of? Who oversees the disposal to ensure everyone plays by the rules if there are any?”

And this was her answer:

“It depends on the state the recall happens in (the state the manufacturer is located in). Some states allow that recalled food to become “salvage” and yes it could end up in pet food or livestock feed. And they never disclose this to consumers.”

This is the link to the U.S. Food and Drug administration Compliance Policy regarding the use of food condemned for human use.

So what does this mean for your pet’s food? It can’t automatically be trusted. Want to hazard a guess what’s happening to all the dead CAFO animals (chickens and pigs) that the latest hurricane drowned? Yep, North Carolina approved its use in animal feed including pet foods! Here is the link to the story: “Millions of Drowned Decomposing Livestock Allowed to Be Rendered”

So you might think that there are laws in place to prevent this sort of thing and you would be right. However, the government let it be known that they will not police those laws. It isn’t publicly mentioned often (by government), but found within the Federal Register…FDA openly admits the agency allows pet food/animal feed to violate federal law. Here is the link to the article “Its Not Pet Food, Its a Waste Disposal System!”

Any rational, thinking person has to know that there is a HUGE link between the diminishing health of our pets over the years and this FDA policy of turning a blind eye to what goes into our pet food  feed! Are you as ANGRY as I am?

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