“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act” Albert Einstein

Ok everyone, the saying above was quoted at the end of a TED talk by Dr. Tyrone Hayes. The title of the TED talk is “Endocrine disruption, environmental justice, and the ivory tower“. Not a very sexy title I know, and sounds pretty booooring. But everyone MUST, I mean MUST, give it a listen. I want to GIVE you the privilege to know! You need to know what goes into your body and what goes into your dogs body. You need to KNOW how human beings (read government here) have and are mucking up our food situation. There is so much going on that we as consumers, are not privy to. Well, there are good samaritans / whistleblowers out there that have been out there for a while and due to social media are finally being heard.

Want to know why your dog has cancer? Want to know why your dog has skin issue, ear issues, diabetes, heck put any disease here. Then get informed as to where your food comes from and where your dog’s food comes from. If you ARE what you EAT then it follows that you ARE what your FOOD ATE. And the same goes for your pets! In fact its doubly so because they are so small compared to us. They are like the canarys in the coal mine. They will get sick and die before we do.

People, there is something wrong with our food and our pets food. Lets figure this out and make change. Start with what you put into your body and what you put into your dogs body. While you have a choice as to what you eat, your pets do not. They are a captive audience and can only eat what you provide. Make sure its as nutritious and toxin free as you can provide.

CLICK HERE for Tyrone Hayes youtube Ted Talk mentioned above

Now if you find that one interesting here is another one I like to call a classic as it was originally recorded 8 years ago! This is the one that got me started researching just what I was putting into my body. Bonnie Bassler’s “The secret lives of bacteria”

CLICK HERE for Bonnies youtube Ted Talk

Look for up coming classes at Petite Pet Inn regarding your dogs nutrition and how to pick the best food for your budget and your dogs health.

Cheers! Donna

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